Frequently Asked Questions

1. I know Tuxedo Royale is known for their rental services, but I can PURCHASE an outfit with Tuxedo Royale?

DEFINITELY! At Tuxedo Royale we carry a wide array of tuxedos and suits, in addition to formalwear accessories, available for purchase, including styles by Calvin Klein, Renoir, and Bosco Uomo—just to name a few. The opportunity also exists to purchase items from our previously rented collection.

2. How much does it cost to rent a tuxedo?

Prices start as low as $99.00 with our promotion! At Tuxedo Royale our costs reflect the rental of an ENTIRE outfit: jacket, pants, vest or cummerbund, shirt, tie, suspenders, cufflinks, studs, and pocket square.

3. I was interested in renting a suit; does Tuxedo Royale carry suits for rental?

CERTAINLY! You will find a variety of suit options for rental, which are also featured in our online catalogue.

4. Are there rental options for children?

YES! Enjoy 10% savings on rentals for youth.

5. Why have a black tie wedding and wear a tuxedo?

IT’S YOUR SPECIAL DAY TOO! Whether you are the groom, father-of-the-bride or a guest, a tuxedo is a classic and timeless outfit for celebrating this momentous occasion with family and friends.

6. Some of the ushers live out of town. Is this an issue?

NOT AT ALL! If you have an usher residing outside of the GTA who cannot make it to one of our locations, we will supply you with an Out Of Town Measurement Portfolio. The Portfolio lists the measurements we require in order to prepare an outfit, once received we will reserve the appropriate garments. Measurements may be submitted online, via email to or over the phone at 1-800-463-8715 ext. 304.

7. I have noticed that my weight has changed since I came to order my outfit, what should I do?

If your weight has changed within 10 lbs. we recommend coming to visit us 3 weeks prior to your final fitting in order to be re-measured.

8. When do I get to pick up my rental outfit?

A pick-up date of 2-3 days is assigned at the time the order is placed; all pick-ups are after 6:00 p.m. If you are unsure of the exact date, you can also find it at the top left corner of your receipt.

9. What happens if my tuxedo or suit doesn’t fit?

NOT TO WORRY! If on the evening you pick up your outfit and come learn it does not fit correctly, minor alterations will be done in-store and any replacements are guaranteed for the following evening. Nevertheless, it is imperative that you attend the scheduled fitting date.

10. Do I have to clean my rental before I return it to Tuxedo Royale?

OF COURSE NOT! Enjoy your special night without worrying about the hassle of laundering any garments.

11. I really enjoyed the outfit I rented with Tuxedo Royale; does the opportunity exist for it to be purchased?

ABSOLUTELY! In fact, we will even credit you a portion of your rental fee towards your purchase.